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John Salvitti, John Paul Salvitti SAG

Fight Choreographer, Actor, Director, Stunt Performer

(2009) The Last Low Tide                                                              2nd Unit Director     USA

(2008) US Marine Corps Specialized Training                              Director/Producer

(2007) Flashpoint  (USA)                                                              Asst. Fight Choreographer

            A.K.A “Don Fo Sin”(Hong Kong)                                             (as John Paul Salvitti)

            A.K.A.“City With No Mercy” (International )                  Fight Trainer for Donnie Yen

                                                                                                        Stuntmen Team

(2006) Storm Breaker (USA)                                                         Asst. Fight Choreographer

            A.K.A. Alex Rider: Storm Breaker                                    Donnie Yen Team

                                                                                                        Stunt Performer

(2004) Double Blade (MTV Asia, Action-Music-Short)              Fight Choreographer                                                                                                    Fight Trainer for Jay Chow

(2003)Twins Effect (Hong Kong)                                                  Asst. Fight Choreographer

                                                                                                    Donnie Yen Team (as John Salvitti)

(2002) Hero                                                                                    Fight Asst.:Donnie Yen,

            A.K.A. “Jet Li’s Hero” (USA)                                                    (as John Paul Salvitti)

            A.K.A. “Quentin Tarantino Presents Hero”(USA)

            A.K.A  “Ying Xiong”  (China)

(2001) Blade 2 (USA) New Line Cinema                                     Asst. Fight Choreographer for Donnie

                                                                                                       Yen Team /Stunt Fighter

(2000~01) Der Puma  (T.V. series, Nostro “Films, RTL              Asst. Fight Choreographer for

                                       releasing Germany )                                                Donnie Yen Team.


(2001) Discovery Channel (Film Garden Ent. Inc., USA)            Featured as Fight Choreography

                  “On the Inside, Martial Arts-Kung Fu Fighter”                     (as John Salvitti)

(1997~1998) Red Thread  (USA)                                                  Director/Writer/Producer

(1995) Shootfighter 2  (USA)                                                        Fight Choreographer

                                                                                                       Actor (Tony)

(1994) Sword of Honor  (USA)                                                     Fight Choreographer

                                                                                                        Featured Fighter (Doorman)

(1994) Midnight Man                                                                    Fight Choreographer

            A.K.A. “Blood for Blood” (USA)                                     Featured Fighter (Rebel Henchman)                                                      

(1994) T.V. Renegade Series (USA)                                             Fight Choreographer

(1993) Private Wars (USA)                                                           Fight Choreographer,

                                                                                                       Featured Fighter (Falco)

(1993) Code Name Alexa (USA)                                                  Stunt Fighter

(1993) Hero Among Heroes (Hong Kong)                                         Fight Asst. Donnie Yen

            A.K.A. “Iron Beggar Hero” (USA)                                                    (as John Paul Salvitti)


(1992) Cheetah on Fire (Hong Kong)                                           Featured Fighter, (Rebel Hanchman)

 A.K.A, “Lip Paau Hang Dung” (International)

(1991) Crystal Hunt                                                                      Featured Fighter (Stephen)

            A.K.A “ No Foh Wai Lung” (Hong Kong)                                   (as John Salvitti)

(1990) Tiger Cage 2 (Hong Kong)                                               Caucasian Henchman

            A.K.A “Sai Hak Ching” (Hong Kong)                                          (as John Salvitti)

(1989) In the Line of Duty 4                                                         Fighter in the alley on motorcycle

            A.K.A “ Wong Ga Si Je 4 (Hong Kong)

            A.K.A “ Jik Gik Jing Yan (Hong Kong)

            A.K.A. “Key Witness” (International)